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africamatters 04/10/09

Pirates "Too Big for their Britches"

In the U.S., we have a saying when someone becomes overconfident and conceited, thinking they are above everything and everyone else.

"(Fill in the name) is getting way too big for their britches!"

These Somali pirates are busting at the seams! They are so overly sure of themselves that a handful of pirates with guns attacked an American ship off the coast. As we've heard over and over again in the media, "it's the first time an American ship has been taken by pirates in more than 200 years!"

Granted the ships make fabulous targets! It's a big money making business. Nothing could be simpler than attacking these ships at sea. The crews are unarmed. The freighters are so large they cannot turn quickly or outrun smaller, faster boats. The ships are owned by big corporations willing to pay big money for the safe return of their crews.

For years, these pirates have enjoyed free reign off the coast of Somalia. The money they make is the fuel for keeping Somali war lords and conflicts going.

These scurvy pirates are breaking rule one in U.S. diplomacy:

Don't get Americans mad or else you'll get the full-on "smack down."

During the late 1930s, Europe was embroiled in war with Hitler as America officially sat by and watched. That is, until our naval base in Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. Then America committed 100% to not just one war, but two wars in the Atlantic and Pacific. And along with our Allies, we kept fighting till there was a clear winner.

The pirates have been operating with relative freedom along the Horn of Africa for years. They have grown increasingly bold in their attacks. They've even taken a large Chinese super freighter.

But international waters are hard to navigate, politically speaking. American ships, along with ships from other countries, have patrolled the waters of the Gulf of Aden for months. So, the pirates have adjusted their target range to stay out of their way, but it seems the patrolling hasn't slowed their marauding.

The International Maritime Bureau reports that since January alone pirates have attacked 66 times!

The pirates are still holding 14 ships and 260 crew members as hostages.

We've gotten word in the News Room that the pirates are using some of those hostages as human shields right now.

Pray for ALL the hostages and their families.