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africamatters 05/29/09

HIV Branding

It was just a small article listed on the DrudgeReport.  I almost missed it...

A parlimentarian from Swaziland is making an apology for making the suggestion that people living with HIV should be branded on the buttocks to warn future partners of their health status!  As if living with a deadly disease isn't bad enough, this official wanted them to be forever physically scarred. (Click here to read the full story)

This is an interesting and sad story.  There are, however, many ministries reaching out to people living with this disease; giving them hope, healing and dignity.  A quick Google search shows many Christian ministries that are aimed at meeting their specific needs.

One ministry that particularly caught my eye is the Micah Network,  a group of 300 Christian relief, development and justice organisations from 75 countries.  They have a great discussion paper on thier web site offering a Christ-centered theology on HIV/AIDS.  It's worth the read.  Click here to read the paper. 

You may or may not agree with everything contained  in the article, but it will certainly make you think about how Jesus would treat victims of the disease...and encourage us all to treat them accordingly.