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chinaconnection 01/21/09

More Obama Family China Connections

President Obama's family appears to be a small microcosm of the international community.  His relatives live on three continents, with ties to multiple countries, including China. 

Sarah Obama, his Kenyan step grandmother, doesn't have any direct ties to China, like his half-brother Mark Ndesandjo, but she recently received a generous gift from some Chinese volunteers.  They donated over 100 tons of rice to feed her 82 adopted AIDS orphans.

While Barack Obama's immediate family will be enjoying the luxurious living in the White House, Sarah Obama only recently got electricity.  She's currently in the U.S. for the inauguration, but will be back in Kenya soon to enjoy the rice.

It's especially appreciated right now, as Kenya is experiencing a nationwide drought affecting ten million people.  Last Friday, Kenya appealed for $470 million worth of aid, and several groups, including the Kenya Red Cross have been aiding the cause.

Unfortunately, concerns of government corruption might deter many international organizations or foreign governments from providing aid. 

It will be interesting to see whether or not Obama's personal ties to Kenya will generate additional media coverage or financial resources towards assisting the famine.  

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