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"The Bible" Miniseries: A Look at Episodes 5 and 6


Jesus is here! HISTORY's new hit TV miniseries, The Bible, aired two new episodes tonight with the second hour of programming re-introducing America to the radical hope and love we have through the Son of God.


The first hour, titled "Survival", recounts the destruction of Jerusalem after King Zedekiah ignored the prophet Jeremiah's warnings. The Jews are led on a forced exile back to Babylon where they are enslaved by ruthless King Nebuchandnezzar. There, the faith of four faithful servants of God are tested. First, three friends of Daniel, a trusted servant of the king, are thrown into a fire when they refuse to bow down to the king’s statue. When their new ruler, Cyrus of Persia, decrees that prayer to God is forbidden for 30 days, Daniel openly disobeys. He's thrown into a den of lions for his crime, but God spares him. This miracle is what convinces Cyrus to let the Jews return to their Promised Land, making way for the Messiah to come.


In episode 6, "Revolution", The Bible introduces God's plan for the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ. During a time of great violence, a baby is born to a virgin named Mary in her husband Joseph's hometown of Bethlehem. During his first 30 years, Jesus' people are oppressed by Rome. A new governor called Pontius Pilate arrives in Jerusalem to squelch any rebellion. The time for revolution has come. Jesus enters his Father's will and mission first by being baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.



After being tempted during 40 days in the wilderness, Jesus meets his first disciple, Peter. The Son of Man offers Peter a new life, the chance to be a fisher of men.



These are exciting scenes as this epic miniseries builds up to the purpose of Christ's time on Earth. The Bible continues next Sunday, March 24th on HISTORY at 8/7c.

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