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Hollywood Insight 12/09/10

Dawn Treader: "Fantastic! A Must See!"

The third installment of The Chronicles of Narnia film series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, releases in theaters this Friday, Dec. 10. As explained in previous blog posts, I recently attended the Dawn Treader press junket in London. There I, along with other movie critics, saw the film in 3D. First reactions: "Fantastic! A Must See!"

Here is a snippet of my review:

Though the film does not follow C.S. Lewis’ children’s book to a tee, the inspired changes help to make the movie an engaging experience. Visually captivating, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a delight to watch, well surpassing the appeal of its predecessor, Prince Caspian. Even beyond it being a memorable movie, Dawn Treader is a testament to faith. This version of Lucy and Edmund’s return to Narnia is capable of touching audiences on a spiritual level as it delves into the reality of temptation, the consequences of giving in to dark thoughts, and the hope we discover in redemption.

To read the full review, go to my Voyage of the Dawn Treader review page on CBN.com.

In the spirit of sharing this Christmas, we've posted movie stills courtesy of 20th Century Fox, along with a Narnia quiz and information about the famous author, C.S. Lewis, on our special Dawn Treader section.

Movie Stills from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Aslan, Lucy, Edmund, and Caspian at the edge of Aslan's country
(Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

Reepicheep with Eustace on the Dawn Treader
(Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

The Dawn Treader, King Caspian's ship
(Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

Check out more movie stills from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

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