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Hollywood Insight 06/18/14

"Dolphin Tale 2" Releases New Trailer Starring Harry Connick, Jr.

Can’t get enough Harry Connick, Jr.?  Fresh from his stint as a judge on American Idol, Connick is set to reprise his role as Dr. Clay Haskett in Dolphin Tale 2, coming to theaters in September.

The sequel to the heartwarming 2011 hit family movie, Dolphin Tale, features essentially the same cast highlighted by Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and of course, Winter, the prosthetic-tailed dolphin who captured the hearts of movie goers nationwide for her remarkable story of survival.

The new movie will introduce a Hope, a new dolphin who has her own remarkable story to tell.

As with the original movie, Dolphin Tale 2 is also based on a true story, one that celebrates overcoming the bleakest of odds to find healing and hope.

Without further adieu, please check out the just released trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment.

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