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Hollywood Insight 06/17/21

Exclusive Clip from 'A Father's Legacy'

A Father

A Father's Legacy is only in theaters Thursday, June 17th. Get your tickets here.

On the run from the law, a young man searching for his father forces his way into the life of a secluded old man in the woods. As the days pass and the secrets about their past are revealed, they learn that they might not have been looking for each other … but they may have been brought together for a reason.

Take a look at this exclusive clip from A Father's Legacy, when Billy receives some important news:

Director and star Jason Mac shares his thoughts and hopes on his directorial debut feature:

"This film was born out of one of the most difficult times in my life.  My father passed away unexpectedly four years ago. He was one of my protectors, my guardian who I knew would always be there to lift me up. And then he wasn’t. It forced me to look inside myself and to really consider what a father means to a son. And what a son is to a father.  I was incredibly fortunate to have a loving and supportive father who was present my entire life. Many aren’t as fortunate.

"A Father’s Legacy is a fictional story but it is my thoughts and reflections on this father/son relationship. This is my love-letter to my own father. It explores ideas of legacy, redemption, and faith. Too many young men have no male role models growing up. And that is also a message I hope can grow out of this film…’to be there.'

"I hope, as you watch, that you are able to relate to it in your own relationships and at the end, you come out a little bit more loving."

Hear more about the film from Jason Mac here:


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