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Hollywood Insight 03/11/21

Exclusive Premiere: John Waller Delivers 'But God' Music Video

John Waller But God song

Recording artist and songwriter John Waller releases his first new radio single in over two years, “But God.”

Also the title track from Waller’s sixth full-length studio album set to release from Radiate Music this spring, "But God" was inspired by scriptures like 1 Corinthians 1:27, and written for a season that has been difficult for Waller and plunged so many people around the world into a spiral of hopelessness. “But God” is a declarative anthem of hope.

“The story of ‘But God,’ is all of our stories in the past year,” says Waller. “There is so many moments in Scripture where there was trouble, persecution, and where things seemed hopeless. And then there is that ‘But God’ moment. The biggest one was God demonstrating His own love by sending his Son.

“I think this song is going to encourage a lot of people,” continues Waller. “I know when I listen to it and sing it, it brings hope, light, life. We may see darkness and chaos, but God sees new beginnings. I pray that this song will do that for you and for anyone who hears it.”

In 2017, Waller decided to stop touring and moved his wife, Josee, and nine children (six biological and three adopted from Ukraine) from Georgia to California, joining the staff of a church as worship pastor. After three years, sometimes filled with the belief that his best days were behind him and experiencing a drought from his gifting as a songwriter, Waller felt God pulling him out from the depression and despair that had overtaken him.

“I wasn’t sure I’d ever release new music again,” reveals Waller, “but God’s brought my family and I through so much through His faithfulness. He’s worked so many difficult things together for our good. And now it seems He’s resurrected my passion for ministry through music.”

Moving his family during the pandemic back to Atlanta, including 10th child Journee Nova, who was born while the Wallers were in California, the out-of-work worship leader had no job and no savings account to rely on. Waller only had a renewed sense of calling that God wasn't done with him and his music.

“I don’t know where it’s all going. Never have,” he says. “But I’m enjoying this journey like never before and I pray that ‘But God’ and the songs that will follow very soon after will encourage and bless you on yours.”

Listen to "But God" and more of John's discography here!

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