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Hollywood Insight 02/26/20

Tenth Avenue North Bids Farewell with Final Tour

Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North announced today that their upcoming tour, "The Finally Living Tour," will be the band's last official tour together as Tenth Avenue North. Read their heartfelt statement below:

Dear friends, 

Words fail when it comes to “farewell"

Even the best goodbyes are bittersweet. It’s like we were made to be together forever. 

20 years ago, Tenth Avenue North was just three friends goofing around in a PBA dorm room.  Never in a million years could we have dreamt it would take us around the globe for two decades. But it has. And we are eternally grateful for all the stories, all the tears, and all the memories we’ve made together.

If you count independent releases, Tenth Avenue North has birthed 15 original music projects. 


It’s been a glorious, hard-fought, and oftentimes, breathtaking journey. We feel like we’ve seen it all. The Fights. The Victories. Forgiveness. Mercy. Oh yeah. Truck loads of mercy.

And now it seems a season is coming to a close. One by one, band members have been moving on. We don’t think this is a sign of unhealth, but quite the opposite. 

After twenty years, we are all dreaming new dreams, and it’s time to encourage one another to go. Go and do all that is in our hearts to do.

That said, tomorrow we will begin the “Finally Living Tour.” Or maybe we’ll now call it, “The Final Farewell Tour,” because that’s what this, a farewell. It is with a great deal of joy and sorrow all mixed up together, we want you to know this will be our last tour as Tenth Avenue North. 

There will be some summer shows and festivals sprinkled through the rest of this year, and maybe a bit more music as well, but as far as we can tell, this will be the last tour we ever do.

We don’t exactly know what the future holds, but we believe this; when the way isn’t clear before us, we do well to pay attention to what doors are being closed behind us. Leaning into this guidance, we are going to lean forward into the unknown. We love you all. It has been an incredible journey. May the God who gave us the grace to continue, give us the grace to end well. Here’s to one last tour together. Hope to see you out there. 

Tenth Avenue North

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