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Syrian Church Destroyed, Christians Killed and Abducted

As the Obama-supported proxy war on freedom and Christianity in Egypt rages on, it’s easy to forget that the same atrocities are being commited all around the world — and also with Obama’s support. While dozens of churches in Egypt have been destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood, so too have they been, and continue to be, destroyed in nearby Syria, where U.S.-supported Islamic jihadis have been terrorizing Christians, including by beheading them and destroying their churches.

Recently in the middle of the night, a jihadi group largely consisting of foreigners and calling itself the “Lions of the Islamic Brigade” invaded the Christian village of al-Diwayr and began bombarding the Church of Isaiah the Zealous (pictured above), as well as Christian homes, leading to the killing of four, including women and children, the wounding of 20, and the abduction of four.