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Mommy and the Joyful Three 08/22/11

10 Lessons Children Can Teach Us About God

As moms and dads, we often focus on what we should be teaching our children. We want to show them how to act as Christians, but sometimes we may over look the valuable lessons we can learn from them about being Christ-like.

Here are 10 valuable lessons they teach us:

1. Let go of grudges.

Children have a gift of short-term memory. I took notice that while my children were playing with some friends the other day how quickly a fight would erupt. I would worry about the fight, but just mere moments later they would be playing nicely together again. All was forgiven and well. Children are more inclined to apologize and mean it. As adults, we are more susceptible to holding grudges. We dwell on trespasses done gainst us and our ability to forgive does not always come so easily.

2. Pray with heart.

I cannot help but be touched by the innocence of a child’s prayers. If you listen to a child pray aloud, you will hear their conviction; they pray for what is on their hearts in that moment and they only care about the audience that matters, God. Often, I hear my children pray for the simplest of things. I cannot help but believe that this is how God wants us to communicate with Him. Just us and our thoughts, desires, and worries.

3. Live in the moment.

Kids have the astounding ability to live in the moment. How often do you think about a mistake you may have made yesterday or what you are doing next week? Children live for the moment that they are faced with at any given time. They also do not condemn there past actions as often as we adults do. For example, when forgiven, they accept it and move on.

4. Be open to learning.

Many times we are resistant to change and learning new things. It can be hard for us to admit we may not know it all. Children love to learn new things and they put their whole heart into the learning experience.

5. Love unconditionally.

Kids are not likely to pick apart their peers. They do not determine friendships the same way we do. As adults, we are more likely to judge and then befriend later. Children are more likely to befriend and often not judge. They just want someone to play with; trivial opinions do not matter.

6. Believe dreams can happen.

I love to hear my kids tell me about what they want to be when they grow up. It often changes; yet, every time a new idea comes to mind they are certain they can achieve it. You can hear their confidence. I love this. We can be self-destructive. We lose track of our confidence and doubt our gifts and callings.

7. Follow willingly.

A child will take your hand and let you lead them. They trust in your ability to keep them safe. This is the same trust we should have in our Father God. If we put our trust in God leading us rather than trying to go our own way, we wouldn’t face as many hardships as we do.

8. Try something new.

We can become too comfortable in our lifestyles and lose track of reaching out to new people or going new places. Children love the excitement of something new. They view the world as a place full of surprises and love to explore.

9. Be helpful.

My children love to help. Often, they will clean up on their own or do something they know I will find helpful because they take pride in being able to do something for someone else. This should be nurtured in a child and in our own lives. I always encourage my children when they help others; it is a beautiful thing to see.

10. Appreciate the surrounding beauty.

Children still notice the “wows” in life that we sometimes miss. It is not hard to impress a child, but an adult can walk right past something beautiful and not even give it a second thought. Life’s distractions prevent us from being aware of some of the simple gifts in our lives. A beautiful sunset is often overshadowed by our worries and concerns.

God commands us to liken our hearts to those of small children.

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3 KJV

So next time you are watching your child in action, allow yourself to learn from them.

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