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thewebblog 04/29/09

Jimmy Carter's Disconnect

Former President Jimmy Carter was correct when he urged his fellow Baptists to look beyond a range of disputes that have split the denomination and focus on reconciling under a common cause, namely the Gospel.

Carter said disagreements over issues such as abortion and homosexuality have kept Baptists too narrowly focused. And he said those issues shouldn't divide Christians who agree on a higher matter--that people are saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

I agree with him. But why did Mr. Carter and others leave the Southern Baptist Convention and form the New Baptist Covenant? The folks he criticizes believe exactly as he does that people are saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. It seems Jimmy Carter doesn't practice what he preaches.

With regards to the cultural issues he finds so divisive, I have two questions for Mr. Carter. One, what informed him as a politician rising through the ranks in his home state of Georgia to take a leading role in fighting racism? And, two, what motivated him as governor and later as President to expand the role of government in fighting poverty through welfare? I'm fairly certain I've heard him say over the years it was his Christian faith.

So what does he suppose informs many Christians today in their opposition to abortion and homosexuality? Could it be their Christian faith?