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Baptism by water symbolizes purification or regeneration by God. Baptism by the Holy Spirit transforms us and enables us to carry out Jesus’ will.

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Bible Teachings on Baptism

Baptism in the Holy Spirit allows the Holy Spirit to further cultivate the fruit of righteousness in your life and live a life God can use mightily...

Baptism is done with water, but the Bible talks about another baptism, much more important that the water ritual. This is the baptism of the Spirit,...

Questions about Baptism

More and more, Methodist, Presbyterian, and some other churches that have historically practiced infant baptism are looking anew at both the...

Just as the indwelling Spirit reproduces the life of Jesus, the outpoured, or baptizing, Spirit reproduces the ministry of Jesus.

There is a transformation by the Spirit of God of our lives that is tantamount to a second birth.

In the believer, the Holy Spirit is the source of power, and He can manifest Himself in healings, miracles, revelations, or utterances.

God is offering the baptism in the Holy Spirit to people who need only to reach out and take it and then enjoy the blessing. Speaking in tongues,...

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Devotions about Baptism

After Jesus is baptized by John, God the Father goes on record, speaking in an audible voice at the baptism service.

Videos about Baptism

Omar and Danielle Gonzalez began their relationship focused on the instant gratification of drugs, alcohol, and sex, but they learned that to...

Gracie has been watching CBN’s Superbook since 2009. Hear this 10-year- old describe how these animated Bible adventures have changed her life!

Lisa Robertson was a pastor’s wife, but truly lived the life of a Christian impostor. See how she transformed her life and the role that her husband...

John the Baptist baptizes the Son of Man in this clip from HISTORY's The Bible.

Constant family relocations for Tim's work made life miserable for Patti, eroding the marriage to the point of no return.

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Articles on Baptism

Muslims are finding Jesus in the heart of Taliban territory. Meet one convert.

Men in Taliban territory are being transformed by the Gospel.

An invitation to visit a church had this unintended impact on a Muslim visitor to the United States.

Nazim in Afghanistan loved to learn and taught people in his village to read using the New Testament. That witness cost him his life.

The Book of God's PromisesBaptism of the Spirit/Gifts of the SpiritBaptism is done with water, but the Bible talks about another baptism, much more...

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