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Videos on Baptism

Omar and Danielle Gonzalez began their relationship focused on the instant gratification of drugs, alcohol, and sex, but they learned that to...

Gracie has been watching CBN’s Superbook since 2009. Hear this 10-year- old describe how these animated Bible adventures have changed her life!

Lisa Robertson was a pastor’s wife, but truly lived the life of a Christian impostor. See how she transformed her life and the role that her husband...

John the Baptist baptizes the Son of Man in this clip from HISTORY's The Bible.

Constant family relocations for Tim's work made life miserable for Patti, eroding the marriage to the point of no return.

After CBN drilled a well in their village in northwest India, Mannu and her husband converted from Hinduism to Christianity.

Theru was a Hindu who turned to a Christian pastor for prayer, when nothing else was working for him. That prayer started a chain of events and Theru...

ORU President Mark Rutland shares how the baptism of the Holy Spirit changed his life.

Her strict Islamic religion left her abused and a prisoner in her own marriage. A vision of Christ set her free.

Pat Robertson answers the following "Bring It On" questions: How do we know that we are saved? Why do some not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit...


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