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We were put on this earth to be a light in the darkness. When it comes to Halloween, we should boldly celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

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Questions about Halloween

Since Halloween itself originated in paganism, it is not surprising that its customs are related to pagan belief.

The Christian's decision to avoid or participate in Halloween should be based on accurate information.

Many of the local people had gathered at the cemetery for an all-night vigil at the graves of their family members. Here's what happened.

Devotions about Halloween

Masks are stuffy, binding, and often ugly. When we slip the mask off, truth can be seen and God is delighted.

The Bible shows many examples of evil spirits at work in the world and in people.

Which side of the Halloween fence are you on? What a decision.

Martin Luther’s brave act was like a bolt of lightning rending the midnight sky. Now it’s your turn to do something revolutionary.

I still don't know how my mother transformed her black caped, green-streaked, sad little witch into a white-laced, blushing, flower-laden bride....

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Videos about Halloween

Former Satanist turned Minister John Ramirez shares why he believes Christians should not celebrate Halloween. Plus, does God have a divine destiny...

On Newswatch AM October 29th: Fire emergency in California with fires in the northern part of the state and around Los Angeles; despite talk of a...

On CBN Newswatch PM Oct. 28: A State of Emergency in California has been issued as massive wildfires burn in parts of the state; US Special Forces...

The families at Greenbrier Church get together every October 31 to provide an environment that makes room for heaps of fun while using the day as a "...

An unholy presence was living in Julie’s house, and she had no idea that she was the one who brought it there.

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Articles on Halloween

Think about it. How many chances do we get to mix with our neighbors during the year?

Just the mention of the word “Halloween” can polarize a room full of Christians.

Author Ron Rhodes educates us about the supernatural and the truth behind ghosts, mediums, and psychics.

For some, the solution to this troublesome holiday is to get rid of it completely.

What will your church be doing this Reformation Day, October 31st?

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