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Articles on Halloween

Think about it. How many chances do we get to mix with our neighbors during the year?

For some, the solution to this troublesome holiday is to get rid of it completely.

What will your church be doing this Reformation Day, October 31st?

Girl with pumpkin at Halloween

Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

As parents and Christians, you may be wondering how to shield your child from fear.

Halloween costume

Are Halloween Costumes Sending the Wrong Message?

Parents, talk to your kids about their costume choices -- if they dress up this Halloween.

Mom and daugther in Halloween costumes

What to Do with Halloween?

Do we ignore it, participate with our neighbors, engage the culture, do our own thing, go to a church harvest party or what?

According to some experts, what seems like harmless fun is slowly indoctrinating children into New Age occultism.

Ever since that lovely October evening a few years back when my brand new car was plastered with raw egg yolks by some teenagers in my neighborhood,...

Author John Ankerberg shares all of the history and facts of Halloween you should know.

Do vampires and ghosts really exist? Can people really cast spells? Can some people talk to the dead? Author Steve Russo answers these questions and...


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