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Perspective is everything when tragedy strikes. When we search for meaning in these devastating moments, God often gives us peace that the world could never give. 

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Bible Teachings on Tragedy

The Bible has a lot to say about strength. These Bible verses on strength represent the many aspects of strength available to us and highlight where...

Bible verses about death, death of a loved one, death of a child, and God's promises for us about death and grief.

What does God promise his people about times of trouble?

How long do we get to mourn? Depends on who you ask.

Questions about Tragedy

It is important to understand that accepting things is not the same thing as being resigned to them. You must accept suffering without becoming...

When parents suffer the grief of losing a child, was it God’s will? It’s time to put away shallow clichés that malign the character of a loving...

How do you respond to the miracle that never happened — when someone or something is ripped away from you?

It seems impossible during this coronavirus pandemic to find complete peace.

No matter what happens, Jesus Christ and His love, are absolutely immovable, unshakable, and unstoppable.

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Devotionals about Tragedy

How can we maintain strong faith despite the challenges we face? Life can be tough, causing us disappointment, pain, and grief. We may struggle to...

How do we continue to fight to have faith, even when our circumstances are harder than we could have ever imagined? How do we build ourselves up in...

Are you searching for your true purpose in life, eager to understand yourself better? This author sought insight into how her attitudes and behaviors...

If you're grappling with your own pain and heartache, take solace in Job's experience and connect it to the suffering of Jesus in Isaiah 53 and the...

Sharing our faith is what we’re called to do as Christians. God used this author's fascination with the RMS Titanic to help her understand why it’s...

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Videos about Tragedy

Does God Care About My Life?

Mental Health Awareness Week 02

What if God Doesn't Answer My Prayer?

Kelly was one of 5 survivors of a flight that crashed into the Potomac River in 1982. In the icy waters, she became aware of God’s presence.

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Articles on Tragedy

Reason wants a logical explanation that will make sense out of something that has happened. Purpose offers us a hope that whatever has happened God...

The part of our hearts that loves life and loves people is the same part that screams when broken.

When all is going well and the horizon is free of turmoil and suffering, we can be seduced by the false notation tragedy will never strike.

Aftermath of tidal wave of molasses

CBN News Daily Rundown February 20, 2019

A tidal wave of MOLASSES? Yes! 100 years ago a 30 foot high, fast-moving wall of molasses terrorized the people of Boston's north end...

Christian music artist Ellie Holcomb shares how her father's cancer diagnosis inspired her new album, Red Sea Road.

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