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Devotions on Tragedy

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Devotions on Tragedy

Oh, the desire to have one more day. It doesn’t only happen with nice vacations.

It’s hard to not worry about the future when life is spinning fast.

How convinced are we that God is good when circumstances are not?

Christmas isn't the most wonderful time for everyone.

We were in our Suburban enjoying the scenery. Suddenly, out of nowhere floodwaters began to rise all around us. It was rising quickly!

Scripture tells us we were created for good works that God has already prepared for us ahead of time.

The ability to forgive doesn't come naturally. When we are wronged, we want to retaliate or hate the person forever.

We live in a world of trouble and turmoil in which the righteous and the unrighteous are affected alike.

There's no need to panic when the lights go out.

When our faith is tied to our comfort, we are missing the big picture.


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