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A person becomes wise by applying biblical knowledge and experiences to their lives. 

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Bible Teachings on Wisdom

Being "nonjudgmental" is considered a virtue these days. Odd, isn't it, since people hire golf pros and personal fitness trainers to critique and...

Going against the grain of the world, the Bible imposes an important role on parents: discipline. It is an unpopular word these days.

Questions about Wisdom

A look at how the Bible answers if it's wrong to question God.

Devotions about Wisdom

God wants us to be part of His orchestra, even when we miss a note.

No matter who, what, when, where, or how our path changes, God will already be working for our good if we love him and seek to follow the calling to...

We must get in the habit of saying “no” to many things distracting us from our life's calling.

If the Lord gives wisdom to whales and artists, we can be confident He will provide the wisdom and guidance we need for the challenges in our lives.

We tried to convince the boy that the quarter was like having 25 pennies, but he didn't believe us.

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Videos about Wisdom

Derwin discovers the best that life offers through pursuing God’s countercultural lifestyle.

Rachel shares a message of hope and identity in Jesus Christ to those who experience same-sex attraction.

Kaitlin, Josh, and Naomi act out a story where King Solomon uses his God given wisdom to discover who is a baby's mother.

The lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, Mike Donehey, discusses learning to follow God’s will for his life even when it was hard.

Ali shares how Americans need to appreciate freedoms rooted in Christian values that we often take for granted.

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Articles on Wisdom

Making a definitive truth claim is unpopular, but God wants us to be on guard against false teaching.

Kathi Lipp shares some tips on how to prepare you family and home for any crisis, from her book, Ready for Anything. 

Kathi Lipp discusses her book, The Clutter-Free Home, and how you can start your journey to creating a purpose-filled home.


The Faith of Hope

Faith is the very reason we can have hope even when we don’t have answers. We don’t have to see the future to know we can trust God for it.

Daniel Montgomery discusses his book, How to Be Present in an Absent World, a guide to showing up and paying attention.

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