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Devotions on Wisdom

Did you know that the word "blah" is actually listed in the dictionary?

The things we humans have done and made seem so great to us—and in our perspective they are.

Masks are stuffy, binding, and often ugly. When we slip the mask off, truth can be seen and God is delighted.

When you pursue your goals and dreams in life, you will inevitably encounter resistance.

When finding yourself in some self-analyzing test becomes an obsession, well it's time to re-prioritize.

Knowing God's will and carrying it out are two very different things.

We can protect ourselves from false doctrine by comparing what we hear to the whole counsel of the Bible.

Taking pleasure in the little things in life brings joy to our souls.

We all need to find out what is important in life and then learn to use some self-control.

Our obedience gives God joy, and it brings us great benefits.


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