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Families come in all shapes and sizes and God designed them to model the love He has for all of his creation. God provides guidance for families through the Bible. 

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Bible Teachings on Family

Look through these 18 love verses of scripture to find the best Bible verses about love.

In the Bible, Almighty God, Father of all creation, shows us through his perfect example the importance of a loving father. 

Here are key biblical principles that'll help divorce-proof your marriage...

Questions about Family

God's Family PortraitWhen you and your family sit for a photograph, you hardly ever seem to come out looking like the ideal family in the finished...

Since the relationship of parent to child endures until death, so does the honor due parents from children.

All Christians are part of God's family now, and the bonds that draw human families together probably will not be necessary in heaven.

Without question, a valid will and a thorough estate plan are a vital part of stewardship for every Christian.

The world is desperate for Christian youth who know their stuff. What does your teenager know?

Devotions about Family

We all find ourselves in the sand trap now and then. Getting out of the sand takes perseverance.

Ezekiel captured the deepest, hidden role of all mothers. He incorporates genetics, but more importantly, the influence a mother has on her children...

As a Jew writing to a Jewish audience, Matthew naturally opened his book with a genealogy.

Feeding our spiritual hunger is as important as feeding our physical bodies.

Our worldly belongings with not be going with us when our time here is over.

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Videos about Family

Chef Kelly Minter discusses food and meaningful gatherings, and how the family table can be a place to experience God’s love.

Megan Alexander of Inside Edition shares from her new children’s book, “One More Hug,” and how it was inspired by sweet moments she has with her son...

The Founders Inn rings in the Christmas season with their annual Grand Illumination.

Rob and Danielle discuss overcoming teen alcohol and drug addiction after a fatal family accident.

Author and minister Cora Jakes Coleman discusses building her family after years of infertility, and her new book, Ferocious Warrior.

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Articles on family

Mother hugging her crying son

Helping Children Deal with Loss and Death

Children react in individual ways when it comes to dealing with death. Some will ask questions. Others will say little.

Depressed woman lying in bed

Seven Ways to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

Dr. Linda Mintle shares what you and your loved ones can do if you suffer from seasonal depression.

Man sneaking cake

Stick to Those New Year's Resolutions

Fallen off of the bandwagon already? Get back on track with some advice from Dr. Linda Mintle.

Five tips to beat the "Holiday Blues" this year.

Visiting the in-laws at Christmas

Dealing with Your In-Laws during the Holidays

Here are a few tips to help deal with the in-laws in a positive way...

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