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Fatherhood is celebrated Father's Day, June 19, 2022. Godly fathers provide a glimpse of God's relationship to us - protection, provision, love, and discipline.

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Bible Teachings on Fatherhood

Going against the grain of the world, the Bible imposes an important role on parents: discipline. It is an unpopular word these days.

In the Bible, Almighty God, Father of all creation, shows us through his perfect example the importance of a loving father.

Devotionals about Fatherhood

No matter how long we’ve been Christians, God can’t fully be Father to us until we fully grab onto what it is to be His sons and daughters — children...

The life and purposes of Yahweh are not conditioned on any other being in the universe; indeed, He created everyone and everything. Because God has...

Earthly fathers aren't always faithful, but Abba is.

As a proud Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, my Father loves to reminisce on his time in service. As such, it was only fitting that our...

How many busy and over-worked mothers or fathers appreciate it when a load of washing is done without them having to ask or some other chore? This...

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Videos about Fatherhood

John Humphries was so tired of living by uppers and downers, but he wasn’t convinced God could really remove his addiction until...

Omar and Danielle Gonzalez began their relationship focused on the instant gratification of drugs, alcohol, and sex, but they learned that to...

Mike and Jessica receive devastating news that her pregnancy will most likely result in delivering a deceased baby, and in response the couple turns...

During an annual 4th of July celebration at the beach, the Floyd’s are horrified when their 12-year-old son Levi is found lifeless in the water....

Hit by a car, 9-year-old Brenden Scott bleeds until his heart stops beating and for 20 excruciating minutes the surgeon massages the boy’s heart in...

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Articles on Fatherhood

God looks at a person’s heart. He looked at Abraham’s heart and saw faith. Abraham loved the L and still made plenty of mistakes.

In the Bible, Paul reveals a pattern fathers can follow to help their children live godly lives.

Are you married to a man who avoids doctors like the plague? Understanding key reasons can provide clues about changing their mind.

Answering these two questions will help a father know if he's headed in the right direction as a parent.

Bestselling author Ruth Chou Simons discusses Foundations, a guide sharing 12 biblical truths to shape your family. 

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