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Articles on Character

Which reward means more to you, the approval of man or the approval of your Heavenly Father?

When the Holy Spirit transforms a person's life to carry out His goodness, it's not like the world's definition. It's deeper than that and doesn't...

Is our spiritual growth mainly God’s work or ours?

How well are you protecting your mind from being slowly devoured?

Dr. Robert Jeffress on what we can learn about contentment from Paul.

Disarm prejudice in your community with these five strategies.

There is no shortcut to spiritual understanding. You have to learn to walk with God and to know His voice; otherwise, you will mistake your own voice...

Actions of truth start with attitudes of truth -Kathy Carlton Willis

Truth Be Told: A Devotional Study on Truth

God is pleased when we pursue and speak truth.

Truth has consequences, but it also has comfort. ~Kathy Carlton Willis

So Help Me God: A Devotional Study on Truth

Truth teaches us to love in full.

Mom and daughter hugging

Four Qualities of a Great Mom

We've all known that special woman who seems to embody our idea of a great mom. And we all want to hear from our children that we were great moms.


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