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Articles on Conflict

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Articles on Conflict

Phil Waldrep shares his first-hand experience with betrayal and provides practical steps for healing.  

playing video game

Addicted to the Internet

Use this checklist adapted from the American Psychiatric Association and see if there's a problem with your Internet habits.

How we should respond – as Christ would – to toxic attacks, even from those within the Church.

Happy, healthy couple

Healthy Individuals, Healthy Marriage

Use this checklist to determine how you are doing in your relationship.

Frustrated husband dealing with a troubled marriage

Saving Your Marriage Alone

Dr. David Hawkins shares what you can do -- even if your spouse doesn't want to work on your marriage.

Passive aggressive relationships

Reacting to the Passive-Aggressive Person

Once you identify these tactics, you can respond differently.

Love Your Neighbor

The Challenge to Love Your Neighbor

To love your neighbor means you have to get to know them.

Couple with relationship problems

The Power of Perspective in Your Marriage

Your perspective determines how your marriage will turn out.

Siblings arguing about politics

Surviving Your Relationships During the Election

Politics can bring out the worse in some of us, especially around election time.

Senior couple dancing together

5 Biblical Secrets to Making Your Marriage Last

Dr. David Hawkins breaks it down for all those struggling couples out there.


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