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Articles on Creation

No matter how dark or long your night has been, always remember the day is coming. Praise God through it all.

Many Bible verses tell us to not be fearful. And yet, fear plagues most people. As much as we don’t want to feel it, we feel it.

We easily buy into worldly thinking that claims our identity comes from what we do instead of what God has done.

Worship should matter to us because it matters to God and because we were created to worship. 

In a thought-provoking new documentary, Is Genesis History?, Dr. Del Tackett takes viewers on a global journey of discovery, sifting through...


Show Me Your Glory

When you are in tune with God through prayer and meditation you can experience peace at a whole new depth.

It’s easy to be preoccupied with the details of life. There’s always something more it seems we must do. 

Mom is in the winter season of her life. Most people dread it or avoid it all costs. Some even avoid those who are in winter since it reminds them of...


Adore Him

When God created mankind, He designed us not only for worship, but also for fellowship. He wants to spend time with us!

Supposedly, about one hundred products can be made from the coconut; every bit of it can be used. So can we - by God Himself.


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