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Articles on Easter

Easter is the perfect time to focus on growing closer to God.

Twelve key historical facts regarding the first Easter include prophecies foretold, an empty tomb, witnesses, historical manuscripts from believers...

Christianity without the resurrection is not Christianity. It is something else.

Isaiah’s prophecies overflow with trees and metaphors involving the land as they describe the coming of the Messiah.

After getting hit by a garbage truck, Jermaine experienced paralysis for two years. But after he had an experience at church, his doctors were...


Good Friday Gives Way to Hope

Good Friday reminds us that all our suffering will one day end.

Easter basket

Celebrating the Real Meaning of Easter with Your Kids

For Christians, Easter is more than just a nice Sunday dinner with family or a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Balance relevance and holiness while enjoying any holiday.

Jesus saw the depth of our evil, was filled with compassion and allowed His body to be broken for us.

Mary eagerly accepted Christ as a child until heartbreak challenged her to turn to something else as an adult.  


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