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The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, enjoy the meal, watch the parade and football, but remember to truly give thanks. If you need a little help, here are a few verses...

Family celebrating Thanksgiving

Create a Family Thanksgiving Story

Traditions help pass on important family values and bring a sense of security and predictability to children. So, this Thanksgiving, consider adding...

Visiting the in-laws at Christmas

Dealing with Your In-Laws during the Holidays

Like it or not, the in-laws are part of your life. So, building a good relationship with them is vital because you’re married to their child who...

Family traditions at Thanksgiving, playing football

The Importance of Building Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Have you ever considered adding a new tradition to your Thanksgiving?

man bending over on a bench with Bible in hands praying

A Prayer for Parents of Addicts

When addiction traps your child, no matter how old or how young, your parent heart is hearting.

In Sara Evans' book, "Born to Fly," she shares how her will to overcome was challenged by near death experiences, crippling anxiety, and heartbreak.

Mai, a single mom in Thailand with a 1-year-old child was grateful for her job in a garment factory. But the pandemic took it away. Soon, it came...

"When we came back from Haiti with one more kid than we went with, we were a multicolored family. I don’t like to call us multiracial because as far...

Are you married to a man who avoids doctors like the plague? Understanding key reasons can provide clues about changing their mind.

Easter basket

Celebrating the Real Meaning of Easter with Your Kids

For Christians, Easter is more than just a nice Sunday dinner with family or a visit from the Easter Bunny.


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