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Articles on Marriage

Authors David and Tamela Mann discuss their new book, Us Against the World.

In her latest role in the just released Indivisible, a movie she also executive produced, Sarah Drew portrays Heather Turner, a long-suffering...

Professional counsellor Debra Fileta shares 8 choices that can take a Christian marriage from difficult to great.

Senior couple dancing together

5 Biblical Secrets to Making Your Marriage Last

Dr. David Hawkins breaks it down for all those struggling couples out there.

Entrepreneurs Jamal and Natasha Miller discuss their online university, The One University, to prepare singles for marriage. 

Randall and Chenel divorced after only a few years of marriage. In the following years, they reexamined what their marriage should’ve been.

Couples counseling

Being Painfully Honest with Your Spouse

Truth-telling is not necessarily the virtue some make it out to be.

Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather, discuss the new movie “Indivisible,” which tells their story of marriage struggles during...

Couple blaming each other

Time to End the Blame Game

"Blaming and shaming don't lead to solutions, only distance."

Prison made Dave a hard man. Unable to process his pain, he lashed out at his family. In a desperate search for answers, his wife turned to church....


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