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Articles on Parenting

Fathers have a huge influence on their children. Here are some tips that dads should keep in mind...

Educating children about death and guiding them through grief is something we prefer to avoid. But it’s one of our teachable moments.

The decision-making process to homeschool a child is daunting. If the child presently attends public school, it’s more intimidating. Many people...

Believe it or not, kids want rules. I discovered that strange truth as a twenty-something, teaching seventh and eighth graders in a rural Oregon town...

We can allow our emotions to continually find their way to our mouths or our words to our kids can be encouraging.

Teen counselor Mark Gregston explains why some teens gravitate toward the wrong crowd and how valuing them may prevent that.

Life is an adventure that needs to be lived. It’s the same with fathering.

CBN.com Don’t you wish there was a great big “Undo” button in life; where you could completely erase your parenting mistakes? I bet some parents...

Kids need to know they can have that kind of bond with mom and dad. I’ll never forget the talks I had with my Mom or how my Dad’s big bear hugs...

It’s from a biblical perspective that we gain an understanding of how our Heavenly Father sees parenting. The key principle parents must adopt is the...


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