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Devotions on Forgiveness

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Devotions on Forgiveness

Thoughts of judgment day do not have to make you squirm.

Young children giggle when you pretend to hide behind your hands. How silly we must seem to God when we think we're hiding anything from him.

Even small sins can overtake your garden of life, choking out the fruit of the Spirit.

Getting a speeding ticket can be costly, but not always.

What is God’s perspective on minor hurts, small offenses, and relational breakdowns among His children?

Following weeks of disruptions to normal life and routines because of Covid-19, I’d slipped away from God.

As Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on them, He spoke of forgiveness.

People who live close to God without ever really knowing Him are the farthest from Him.

Why do you think Jesus touched and healed the servant's ear severed by Peter's sword when the high priest came to arrest Jesus?

I sang many hymn lyrics about the blood of Jesus but never knew why His blood being shed was so important.


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