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Devotions on Life

Recalling the good that is in America can inspire us to do our part. 

As Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on them, He spoke of forgiveness.

It is possible to experience a life of peace and find rest for your soul – even with life’s demands.

As the drama unfolds, a maple seed shows us the secret of a transformed life.

God wants to grow us into mature sons and daughters who know Him and love Him.

In between the clanging mumble of moments we call life, it helps to remember that the still, quiet voice of God is best heard in solitude.

In God’s design, both in nature and in the promises of his Word, death is never the end.

Sometimes, a sick loved one prefers our company more than our help.

Our worldly belongings with not be going with us when our time here is over.

David, the shepherd-king, has been a good mentor, guiding me and leading me.


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