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Devotions on Life

It's natural for dogs to dig and hide bones. And it's natural for humans to hide things as well.

Some events in our lives only take a minute but feel like the longest minute ever.

None of us fully knows how near we’ve been to life-altering circumstances and how many times we’ve been spared.

Invited to Buckingham Palace for a private dinner with the Queen - would you turn it down?

Whatever God begins He already has the end in sight.

We can all learn from the Apostle Paul as he himself struggled with the problem of the almighty "I".

The vapor-like life we lead has substance when we view it through the eyes of eternity.

Religion in and of itself, with its “good deeds and religious works,” also leads to empty promises.

Rainbows are a mixture of sun, clouds, and rain — a recipe reflecting God's purpose in our lives.

We must learn to see simultaneously through our spiritual and physical eyes. 


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