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Devotions on Motherhood

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Devotions on Motherhood

How could God reference Himself as a protective mother, lest He’d poured His compassionate nature into the mother’s heart?

Discovering our passion begins with God and it's through this relationship that we can become a person of influence.

Is it ever okay to be jealous? Does the Bible say God is jealous?

Throughout her rebellious years, two people never gave up on Sandy—her mother and Jesus.

It becomes increasingly clear that we must continually release our children. It’s a little easier with the assurance that God never lets them go.

When the spiritual fire we once felt has fizzled to a low ember, we need to be renewed.

Cherish the moments with your children with all your heart.

All mothers are not the same. Author and speaker Patsy Clairmont says, “Normal is just a setting on your clothes dryer.” We are all different.

When we feel at a loss to do anything—be encouraged, there is strength to do a small something. We can love. Find enough love to love others...

Heaven is a place of more than we can imagine.


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