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Devotions on Prayer

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Devotions on Prayer

Christians' bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and there's a special place inside for an altar to the Lord.

When we try hard to make something happen—even by prayer—it is often like rowing in a storm-tossed sea.

History points to two powerful and successful weapons that stop a plague.

God wants to grow us into mature sons and daughters who know Him and love Him.

Throughout her rebellious years, two people never gave up on Sandy—her mother and Jesus.

In desperate times, where do you turn for help?

Our Creator wants us to know that we aren't just an accident, but a unique design of His handiwork.

You know God hears your heart when He provides special messages just for you.

God has a way of placing His truths in the hearts and minds of children.

If God is calling you to step out in blind faith, then obey Him and do it! Don’t wait for that perfect time.


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