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Devotions on Pride

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Devotions on Pride

I often wonder what my family and others observe in my life. Do they see me honoring the Lord? 

The things we humans have done and made seem so great to us—and in our perspective they are.

God wants us to be part of His orchestra, even when we miss a note.

We like hiding our imperfections and the Lord wants us to embrace them and be authentic.

Pride doesn’t have to end in failure; God can prune it to yield greater usefulness.

Thankfully, God stands ready to enable us to serve others, but also to forgive us when we fail to have that servant’s heart. 

What if, on this earth, you suffered day and night till God called you home - would you still follow Jesus?

We watched limbs grow heavy from the weight of the ice and feared it would be the end of our cherry tree.

We have a new nature that needs to reflect a Christlikeness different from our old nature.

The bitter water at Marah was symbolic of what was taking place in the hearts of the Hebrews.


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