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Devotions on Pride

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Devotions on Pride

How was Satan's heart so hardened to God, the one he had long worshipped and praised?

Anytime we cling to anything – even good things – other than God, they become a hindrance to the working of the Holy Spirit.

All the poisonous plants in my garden reminded me of the destructive weeds of the flesh.

People pleasers never end up as God pleasers. We often make the mistake of trying to win the Lord’s approval by how we perform before man....

You see, part of the problem with the mighty, the proud, and the rich is that their hope isn’t in God, but in themselves. 

This little washcloth represents the way God shows us to live in relationship with one another in the Body of Christ.

None of us are any more deserving of Heaven than any other person.

Understanding the Gospel should cause utter humility and profound thankfulness.

I could not figure out why God would allow bad things to happen to his children. 

I expected the Lord to make my life a bed of roses and when that didn't happen, I got mad!


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