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Devotions on Pride

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Devotions on Pride

At the breakfast table, I felt like a little child who didn't want to look into his parents eyes when he knows he's done something wrong. 

The things we humans have done and made seem so great to us—and in our perspective they are.

Have you ever tried to do the right things but got blind-sided from someone else’s agenda? Have you ever been unjustly accused? If so, you are in...

Have you ever ignored good advice and ended up making a terrible mistake because of it?

Rats. I had forgotten to bring my secret offering. As the communion music ended, I opened my purse to find nothing but a wheat-back penny.

Jesus makes us better than we were, not better than everyone else.

I learned something that evening. If you ask God to provide for you, you have to be willing to open your hand and receive. You have to trust He knows...


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