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Devotions on Sin

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Devotions on Sin

It is easy to avoid big sins, such as stealing or murder, but those little ones such as a bad attitude, jealousy, and unkindness are easy to...

Are you getting close to giving up on this Christianity thing? Are things not turning out as you have planned? 

The cost of following Jesus pales in comparison to the alternative. Yet some people are unwilling to pay it.

Realizing we need to be forgiven is the first step toward our entrance into Heaven. 

Understanding the Gospel should cause utter humility and profound thankfulness.

No matter what may be happening in our lives, we can know that we are His children. 

There are no levels of sin and all sin has the same effect — separation from God.

Sin can look pretty desirable on the outside, promising loads of sweet tantalizing enjoyment. 

It's natural for dogs to dig and hide bones. And it's natural for humans to hide things as well.

Sometimes God allows us to struggle long before he sends help.


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