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Devotions on Spiritual Warfare

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Devotions on Spiritual Warfare

What could be wrong with going after what you think is best for you? 

If we find our resources inadequate in life’s battles, we’re not fully depending on God.

We are sent out as sheep in the midst of wolves and should always be wiser than our predator.

There’s something more to the peace God offers than just an end to war and conflict.

Make a choice today to take your shield in hand and let your faith be active, alive, and out front.

Since the Bible says other people aren't to blame for our struggles, then who is?

Wield your spiritual sword and fight the enemy of your soul, mind, and heart.

David knew God’s law. He was familiar with God’s instruction about vengeance. It belonged to God alone.

We are in a tug of war every day. The war is with our hearts. 

It may be an odd analogy, but Jesus compared believers to salt for a reason.


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