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Videos on Easter

Six-year-old Joel’s fear of performing was keeping him out of his church Easter program. Learn how watching “Superbook” helped Joel overcome his...

This church developed and distributed Braille Baptist hymnals, so the blind could sing along in worship.

His anger toward God eventually led him to dark places.

Located near the heart of Jerusalem is a garden and tomb where some believe Jesus was buried and then rose from the dead.

She was a stripper. He had an anger problem. The Lowes’ marriage was explosive from the start and was headed for divorce court until one Easter...

David Ruffin didn't have a nice suit to wear on Easter when he entered Brooklyn Tabernacle. In fact, he didn’t even have a place to live.

A week before Easter, Catherine’s right eye had gone completely blind. Miraculously her sight returned on Easter morning and she was completely...

Pat and Gordon Robertson teach on the significance of the Passover meal in the life of a believer.

What are the proofs of the resurrection of Jesus? CBN News spoke to a number of Bible scholars about the historical, archeological and biblical...

Watch CBN News with Lee Webb. Today's news: Same sex marriage laws in Iowa, the economic update, Obama's Easter plans and more.


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