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Videos on Obedience

Devon Leondis will share about her faith and how she helps orphans in Africa.

Jack Stern says he’s had a great life. And he attributes his success and many blessings to a solid principle he’s followed most of his life. Find out...

Pat Smith, wife of NFL great Emmitt Smith, discusses her new book Second Chances. Find healing for your pain and celebrate a new life.

CBN Partners Alan and Julie gave faithfully, even in the midst of recession. See how God gave back when they met the needs of others.

Sheryl was divorced, over $100,000 in debt, and struggling to provide for her two children. Looking for a solution, she fully committed herself to...

Mary went through a divorce at age 49. Though finances were tight, she always managed. Now retired and debt-free, find out what she says is one of...

Allene knows how quickly life can fall apart when marriage, jobs, and money are lost. Instead of giving in to fear, she used a financial principle...

High debt early in marriage can be a rough beginning. Jacob and Tiffany decided to take a chance that rescued them from crushing debt and brought...

Darren and Eliza Bayliss lost a lot of sleep over their money problems. Their business was sporadic and made life less than stable. They found a way...

Jim and Ginger are living their dream life. They stuck to a principle they learned early on, which lead to their financial prosperity. Learn what it...


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