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We are obedient to our God, not out of obligation but out of love. We are obedient to Him through our humble service.

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Bible Teachings on Obedience

Do you judge others? Is it easy for you to find fault with those around you? Then beware: your spiritual life is in danger.

Seek God daily and His will for your life unfolds before you.

Tithing is a command in the Old Testament and the New Testament. We tithe to acknowledge that what we have belongs to God.

Prayer isn’t just asking and receiving. It’s a dialogue, and it doesn’t happen automatically: we must learn to pray. Start with these thoughts and...

To the Christian, hope is the knowledge that we are being changed for the better as we trust in God's promises.

Questions about Obedience

When a civil government refuses people the liberty to worship and obey God freely, it has lost its mandate of authority from God. Then the Christian...

How does one love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength?

Since the law is based on loving God and our fellow man, we break God's law whenever we fail to love Him or whenever we harm our fellow man

If you've ever felt like a spiritual loser because you’ve consistently failed to maintain or master the traditional spiritual disciples, you're not...

God desires complete honesty from His people. Any form of stealing should be forsaken as not worthy of God's children.

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Devotions about Obedience

Obeying God leads to freedom, promotion, and overflowing blessings. 

Are you struggling with making good choices? Are you listening to the wrong voices?  

Mary didn't question God's call on her life. She only asked for clarification. 

We all have gifts and talents and God wants to use them for His glory.

Did you ever ask God, "Why am I wasting time here God?"

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Videos about Obedience

Quinn and MollyJean talk about why obedience is better than sacrifice, and how we should obey fully from the start.

A law firm in North Carolina is making a difference by giving 10% of its revenue to good causes all around the world.

Ed and Cindy believe that because of their work ethic and faith, God has prospered them.

Alex and Quinn talk about how obedience is the best way to prove that you love God.

A father and daughter work as partners at a financial planning firm, and both have a heart for giving.

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Articles on Obedience

Derwin discovers the best that life offers through pursuing God’s countercultural lifestyle.

Christian martyrs are a testimony of faith and obedience not only to our visible world but especially to the spiritual one.

Live in victory rooted in Christ, no longer paralyzed by fear.

Three ways to recognize when we haven't yet forgiven.

Anita lost a thriving business during the 2008 recession. She filed for bankruptcy with over $300,000 in debt. Struggling to buy groceries, she...

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