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Videos on Sickness

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Videos on Sickness

A young wife and mother of two experiences a headache and seeks a moment of relaxation in the bath. What happens next changes this family forever.

Emily thought she knew the reason behind her stomach pain, but as the symptoms grew worse, her usual way of life came to a standstill.

Dr. Don Colbert will share his health struggles that led him to a sugar detox method combined with an anti-inflammatory diet that resolves a broad...

Lauren Chandler, author of "Steadfast Love" will tell of God’s faithfulness and love when her husband was given two years to live with brain cancer.

When Andrew was born, he had one lung and his heart was on the wrong side of his chest. His parents were told to prepare for their baby's passing.

At 17, Jordan was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Later, he was given 6 months to live when the cancer was discovered to have spread throughout...

Little Ciara had been suffering with abdominal issues for five years when God used a prayer on The 700 Club to do a miracle.

His cleft lip and palate left a gaping hole in Zai Fus' mouth. He had lung disease from breathing in so much dust. Other children tormented him,...

Tun lost his leg to a land mine explosion. With one leg he journeys an hour each way to bring home dirty water for his family. The pain is...

When modern medicine could not help relieve his pain, Art found a way to be healed – but he first had to trust God and find forgiveness for others.


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