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Videos on Sin

Emma takes a look at one of Nebuchadnezzar's dreams and David's prophetic interpretation.

After being on both sides of the law, Anthony finally made a decision about how he was going to live his life.

Sarah’s mom chose drugs over parenthood, and it took the loss of her own kids for Sarah to break the cycle and turn to Christ.

The belonging Kevin lacked in his own home, he found among drug users. Dealing and using ruled him until he found a way to get free.

Daniel’s drinking spiraled out of control until alcohol poisoning landed him in the ER.

Kendall and Starla were doing great things for God until Starla discovered Kendall's affair.

Malachi reminds Sean that some things are temptations for others, and tells him how we can show them love by not causing them to stumble.

As a married pastor, Jay’s counsel to a woman appeared innocent enough but soon it developed into an intimate relationship. His double life was...

In his youth, Victor was enamored by a romantic encounter he saw on TV, and afterwards he sought love and affection through sexual relationships with...

Kim was encouraged by counselors to embrace a homosexual lifestyle, but in it she finds only broken relationships and pain. Learn more about her...


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