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The country music and Broadway star sings in The 700 Club's Nashville studios.

Brian Welch's salvation experience surprised heavy metal fans, and his passion for serving the Lord in music continues with his latest CD, Save Me...

He was determined to take one last ski. That decision led Eric LeMarque into a living hell he could never have imagined.

Gary Morris had a number one with Wind Beneath My Wings. So how did he make it to New York's biggest stage?

Pat Robertson answers the following "Bring It On" questions: Is it wrong for an ex-wife to be living off of her ex-husband's child support? How do...

The host of TLC's "Shalom in the Home" explains how men in the United States can become heroes to their families.

If God is sovereign, and things will be as they are going to be anyway, why bother to pray?

What if the earth was no longer warming, and began to cool? Dale Hurd expands on this story.

Operation Blessing dug a well for Kailash and his wife, Laxmi, who has a spine injury.

After a hospital stay after her baby was born premature, Kim was encouraged to start a ministry.

The 700 Club’s Chuck Holton goes south to visit a Georgia farm called Noah’s Ark. It’s a special ranch where abused children and abused animals heal...

Robia LaMorte had entered her dream life -- performing in music videos and landing acting roles in Hollywood. Money was flowing, but her heart...

Danny was in a dirt bike accident that nearly cost him his life. Even though he slipped into a coma for eight days, his friends and family persevered...

What if the job you want to pursue doesn't look like it will pay the bills? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

After financial trouble, Vergel received Jesus as his savior. What happened next was a miracle.

Jonathan was a frail, premature baby. He was only able to breathe on a machine. However, Jonathan had not one prayer warrior in his corner, but a...


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