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Reggie Kelly put God on the back burner as he strove to be popular in high school, college, and beyond.

Ronnie spent his most of his life in prison for dealing drugs. After a near death experience, he made a promise to God; a promise he broke. Years...

Gordon Robertson interviews the executive producer of the Global Day of Prayer, Robert Bakke on this year's Day of Prayer, which was the largest...

A false accusation of rape lands a man in jail. Also, an author and decorator shares gift-giving ideas.

Pat Robertson is in China, visiting with government and chuch leaders. He is praying for a great revival to take place.

Two inspirational ministries will take God's word to the court this week by encouraging coaches at the NCAA tournament to lead their teams...

Chris Harrison, a former heroin addict, tells how Teen Challenge was instrumental in helping him overcome drugs and get back to Christ.

Lynnette is a former financial reporter who paid off $100K in credit card debt and $40K in student loans. Now she counsels others.

Jackie Halgash lost 100 pounds and her faith was the best part of her diet plan.

Pat Robertson kicks off our 30 days of prayer from October 6 to November 4 with a discussion of biblical geography and prophesy.

How can I get out of debt? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

The author shows how he lost 100 pounds and kept it off by not consuming hidden sugar.

Join CBN for 30 days of prayer for our nation and the world October 6 through November 4.

Operation Blessing provided emergency surgery, medicine and therapy for Ninu to regain use of his arm.

What investment advice would you give a 22 year old? How can I save money on date-night eating out? Pat Robertson answers these questions and more.

What is sleep apnea? Is there more than one kind of sprain? What is vocal rest? What is the purpose of honeybees for our world?


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