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Follow Dr Ming Wang’s journey from an atheist immigrant to a world-renowned humanitarian. Plus, Jenne knew God existed, but she felt powerless to...

Dr. Ming Wang's remarkable story of faith from poor Chinese immigrant to world-renowned eye surgeon.

Mundo Cristiano - 11/30/23

Though Jenne knew God existed, she was powerless to find freedom in life until a nurse gave her hope.

Rosaria Butterfield, former self-described feminist, and professor of women's studies, confronts modern day culture's attack on the identity and role...

On today’s Newsmakers, Lee Strobel’s evidence for God, a rock start laments woke-ism, and a major religious liberty victory.

Don lives to tell the tale of surviving 140,000 volts of electricity.

If my husband lied to me in our marriage certificate, are we still married in the eyes of God?

Jay Barnett went from playing in the NFL to becoming a licensed mental health professional. He shares why it’s challenging for men to talk about...

Neurosurgeon W. Lee Warren, M.D., author of Hope is the First Dost: A Treatment Plan for Recovering from Trauma, Tragedy, and Other Massive Things...

A health scare sends Don Jockman to the hospital where doctors reveal the need for urgent concern.

Former NBA player, Bryce Drew, shares tenets for success in leadership role as Head Coach for GCU.


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