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After years of poverty, family suicides, and suicide attempts of his own, see how Josh Marcengill finally encounters true peace.

Miss America, Nia Franklin joins the show to discuss her life, faith, and her year as the nation’s title holder.

Roxanne yearned for attention, love, and acceptance and did everything from stripping to porn to find it. See how she finally found true love and...

A gay man with a successful Hollywood career finds redemption after an unexpected encounter in a coffee shop.

Unsuccessful suicide attempts reinforce a woman’s belief that she’s worthless until after years in church she receives God’s love.

Wayne was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father and followed in his footsteps. See how a near fatal car crash actually saved his life.

A Holocaust survivor vows to keep the memory of those who died alive. Faith in God kept hope and forgiveness in her heart.

Davida had polycystic ovarian syndrome, but she and her husband believed God to have a child. After 9 years of trusting God they had a baby girl.

A woman spends 30 years living as a man until she discovers her true identity in Christ.

A young woman finds out she has colon cancer and a week later, learns she’s pregnant. See how she found peace in the midst of it all.

PTSD drove Jeremy, a Marine, to alcohol, destroying his health and marriage until the desperate prayers of his mother were answered.

5-Time Grammy-winner, Rudy Perez discusses his struggle as a Cuban refugee and how music became his path to a new life of success and faith.

Author and Pastor Bruce Deel shares how he moved his suburban family to the inner city and how his ministry’s radical trust of people is helping...

Social media is contributing to the alarming levels of anxiety and depression in millennials; see how the church is responding to this crisis.

“Young Life” leader Scott Henderson discusses his late wife, Jenna, and the lessons they learned as she battled cancer. He compiled her blogs and...

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez discusses being prepared for God’s unique call on your life.