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Even as India witnessed a brutal second COVID wave causing 4000 deaths daily, CBN’s India team provided an online Superbook Summer Camp to entertain...

To celebrate Superbook’s 40th anniversary, CBN’s team in Croatia hosted a virtual 4k race and an outdoor extravaganza with Gizmo.

In Bosnia, a country torn apart by years of bitter conflict, Orphan's Promise is helping to bring healing, restoration, and unity to children through...

In partnership with Operation Blessing, Superbook is hosting events with different communities across Honduras.

To bring joy to children still under lockdown during COVID 19, CBN has produced a Superbook-themed online praise and worship music video in Myanmar.

Earlier this month, Superbook participated in a local festival in Ukraine “All together for the Family”.

After months of lockdowns and closures, the Hope Bunkers outreach to vulnerable children supported by Orphan's Promise in Costa Rica has reopened!

Last month, CBN celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Nepal Facebook page.

Recently, CBN completed its 10-day telethon titled “Boundless Peace” in the Philippines.

For the second year in a row, South Africa’s Association of Christian Media has recognized CBN’s ministry in South Africa.

CBN continues to influence in Hong Kong through our Cantonese-language version of The 700 Club, Singfoh.

Orphan's Promise is partnering with local ministries to work with inner-city youths in St. Louis, Missouri, to help provide hope through job training...

CBN continues to partner with a local television network in Guatemala to broadcast Superbook.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CBN continues to provide resources online and on the ground for children in the Middle East through Superbook.

In order to provide resources for children during COVID 19, Superbook continues to produce its weekly television series, “Super Kids” in Albania.

CBN continues to make a digital impact in Latin America with its Superbook Youtube channel.