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Stories of the faith and fortitude of Ukraine’s Christian community in the early days of the Russian invasion.

Supreme Court leak launches abortion battle.

A family hid for six weeks before being rescued from a city occupied by the Russians.

Paris church named for an American icon brings races together in glorious community.

As the world’s Muslims observe Ramadan, Christians around the world are praying for them.

Christian World News - April 1, 2022

When war came to Ukraine, a small band of Christian missionaries chose to stay and serve.

As Russia rains down missiles on Ukraine’s civilians, Christians are serving their neighbors and praying for the enemies.

Civilians are trapped and running low on food and other necessities as Russia continues to attack their cities.

As Russia targets civilians for attack, more than one million people have fled Ukraine.

Russia invades from the three sides; millions of citizens flee.

Russia begins ‘false flag’ operations to justify Ukraine invasion.

Russia’s war games in Belarus heighten tensions in Eastern Europe.

How the Olympics are Focusing Millions of Prayers on China.

Missionaries and pastors in Ukraine are leaning on God in face of Russian invasion.


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