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Canadian Christian leaders see tepid government response to a rash of arsons and vandalism against dozens of churches.

As the pandemic scales-down the Tokyo Olympics, ministries are adapting to bring a blessing to Japan and the nations.

Thousands of Cubans take to the streets to protest the communist regime.

A decade after political upheaval swept the Middle East are Christians better off?

As the Taliban gains ground in Afghanistan, Christians and other religious minorities are at risk.

Iran’s New President Sends Warning Signal to World

The growing number of terrorist groups in Africa are targeting Christians.

A Muslim woman is delivered from spiritual bondage and fear.

A drug dealer survives being run over and shot in the head, but he couldn’t escape the love of God

Couple Gives Thanks to God for Surviving Direct Hit

Israel Hits Back as Hamas Launches Rockets.

Afghanistan’s Christians believe the U.S. pullout will mean attacks on their tiny, underground Christian community

As India Struggles to Cope with Covid, the World Responds

Christians, Muslims, Yazidis and other faiths facing religious persecution.

As the world’s Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Christians around the globe are praying for them.

A new explosion of terrorism puts Christians in the hotspot.