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Brother Andrew’s Courageous Life of Obedience

A Doctor’s Long Journey to the Mission Field.

A famine in eastern Africa threatens millions of people.

Queen Elizabeth II is remembered for her service and her faith.

Christian World News - September 2, 2022

Six months into the Russian invasion Ukraine – and its churches – are standing strong.

As Afghanistan descends into a terror state, the country’s Christians persevere.

Ministry aims to find homes for one million orphan’s in China.

Members of a Christian ministry team taken captive by Russian soldiers have been released.

A Christian ministry team was taken captive by Russian soldiers in the town of Berdyansk.

When the government took their land, a Christian family responded with forgives and service.

Christians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha testify of God’s deliverance from evil.

Despite the ongoing fighting in the East, some parts of Ukraine are starting to rebuild.

From genocide in China to church bombings in Africa, people of faith are under attack.

A Ukrainian pastors is helping rescuing victims of war caught in the fighting.

A troubling study reveals a threat to the future of Christianity in America.


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